Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is My Chevy Rewards?
A: My GM Rewards allows you to earn and redeem points on most things you already do with Chevrolet, including eligible new GM vehicle purchases, most OnStar and Connected Services plans, paid Chevrolet Certified Service, and eligible Chevrolet Accessories.

Q: What does certified pre-owned mean?
A: Certified Pre-Owned vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC offer greater value and confidence than ordinary used cars. That's because each of our vehicles undergo a 172-point vehicle inspection and thorough reconditioning process. And it's why every vehicle includes not one, but two manufacturer-backed limited warranties. Bring home more value and peace of mind at Bill Rapp Chevrolet Buick of Ogdensburg.

Q: How good does my credit need to be to get a loan for a car?
A: All types of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for an auto loan. No credit, no problem! We will work with you to secure a no credit car loan if your situation demands it. Bill Rapp Chevrolet Buick of Ogdensburg has strong relationships with lenders and is committed to finding you the perfect car loan to suit your needs!

Q: Which Chevy model gets the best gas mileage?
A: The 2022 Chevrolet Spark earns the honor of being the most fuel-efficient Chevy on the market, as it can return up to an impressive 38 highway mpg. Give us a call to schedule your test drive today!

Q: Do you sell certified vehicles?
A: Yes! Our GM Certified Pre-Owned inventory comes with a 172-point inspection and thorough reconditioning process. Shop on our website now or give us a call for more information.

Q: How much money do I need for a down payment?
A: Generally, the more you can afford to pay upfront, the lower the interest rate you'll be able to get on your loan. Striking an ideal balance between down payment, APR, and the term of your loan depends on your credit score. Contact our finance team today for more information or apply for financing directly on our website!

Q: Which Chevy model has the most cargo space?
A: The 2022 Chevrolet Suburban easily offers more cargo room than any other vehicle in the new Chevy lineup. Give us a call to schedule your test drive today!

Q: Do you sell used vehicles from other brands besides Buick and Chevy?
A: Here at Bill Rapp, we carry used cars, trucks, and SUVs from most popular brands including Ford and GMC. Shop our selection, then give us a call today!

Q: Can I get a loan for a car if I have bad credit?
A: Our finance team has experience working with customers from all walks of life. Even if you have poor credit or no credit at all, give us a call to see what the team at Bill Rapp can do for you!

Q: What is the difference between double cab and crew cab trucks?
A: The double cab, which is also called an extended cab, seats a row of passengers inside a truck. A crew cab has two full doors that have room of usually five passengers. Because of these size differences, it is important to decide which one is the right one for you. Give us a call to test drive a Silverado 1500 and experience the difference for yourself today!

Q: What are the dimensions of the Silverado 1500?
A: The dimensions of the 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 are 211-242″ L x 81″ W x 75-79″ H. It has plenty of room to haul whatever you need. Give us a call to schedule your test drive and see it for yourself today!

Q: Can I qualify for a car loan if I'm self-employed?
A: Yes! Our finance team has experience working with customers from all walks of life. No matter what your situation looks like, we are committed to helping you get into the vehicle you want with a payment that fits your budget. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!


Q: What is gap insurance?
A: Chevrolet GAP coverage protects you from paying a loan on a vehicle that is a total loss. In that event, this plan can help cover the amount you owe on the loan that your insurance doesn't cover, including your deductible.

Q: What is Appearance Guard?
A: Chevrolet Appearance Guard is a program for new and leased vehicles that protects your car from dents, dings, windshield damage, and interior damage including rips, cuts, and burns plus additional coverage for lost or damaged key fobs.

Q: What is XS Wear Lease Protection?
A: Chevrolet XS Wear Lease Protection can help protect you from damage charges beyond normal wear when your lease ends. Available for new leased vehicles, XS Wear comes with a $0 deductible, terms from 12 to 60 months, and finance amounts up to $125,000. That protection covers dents, scratches, and chipped paint as well as tires and chipped glass. It also covers lost owner's manual or keys and excess mileage charges up to $400.

Q: Can I schedule a service appointment online?
A: Absolutely! You can schedule your service appointment on our website in a few short clicks right from the convenience of your couch and without ever having to pick up the phone! Schedule online now.

Q: Can I get my vehicle serviced with you even if I didn't buy it from you?
A: Of course! Our service team works on most makes and models, even if the vehicle wasn't originally purchased from Bill Rapp. Schedule your service appointment today!

Q: How long can I keep driving with my check engine light on?
A: The general rule is that if the check engine light is flashing, you can't keep driving the car. It's an emergency. Often it indicates an engine misfire. If you keep driving, you will likely cause irreversible damage, mostly to the (expensive) catalytic converter. However, any time your check engine light is on, delaying repairs likely means increasing cost.

Q: Do you service other brands besides Buick and Chevy?
A: Our certified technicians are qualified to work on vehicles from most major brands. Give us a call to schedule your service appointment today!

Q: How long does an oil change take?
A: Typically, you can expect an oil change to take about 30 to 45 minutes. That time can vary, but you can rest assured that the team here at Bill Rapp is always working to get you back on the road as fast as possible. Call today!

Q: What does it mean if my breaks are squeaking?
A: Squeaky breaks could be an indication that it's time to replace them. Even if that's not the case, it's still worth getting them checked for safety reasons. Schedule your service appointment with us today!

Q: Do you have service specials?
A: We do! You can check them out under the service tab on our website. We update our specials frequently, so check back regularly to save big on your next service. If you'd like to take advantage of one of our specials, give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

Q: Why is it important to get your tires rotated?
A: By having your tires rotated, you can maintain a more even amount of tread on your tires. Evenly worn tires contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride. Enhanced safety: By helping to prevent uneven tire wear, a tire rotation can enhance your tires' grip on the road. If you need a tire rotation, give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

Q: How often should you bleed brakes?
A: Automotive service experts recommend having your car brakes bled every two to three years. You can choose to have a licensed mechanic perform the service along with your scheduled brake services. If you need someone to bleed your brakes, give us a call to schedule your service appointment today!

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